The turquoise blue waters of the Indian Ocean spread along the coastline of Zanzibar. However, visiting the Blue Lagoon Zanzibar Tanzania is much more than an incredible exploration of tropical fish and reefs. It is a place where you can swim with hundreds of fish and enjoy the diversity of underwater life. The Blue Lagoon excursion is tide-dependent. Low tide is usually better for sight as its calm waters enhance the visibility of corals and fish, and also allow for an enjoyable swim and a blue lagoon Zanzibar Snorkeling Experience

More Information on Blue Lagoon Zanzibar

The blue lagoon is a long channel linking the huge inland bay with the open sea that bisects the southern point of Juani. At the end of the channel is an enormous natural infinity pool whose level varies according to the tides. This excursion is the perfect late-afternoon adventure suitable for everyone.

The journey to the channel itself takes 30 minutes from the beach. It boasts stunning views of the southern section of the archipelago. However, as you seem to sail endlessly with no channel in sight, all of a sudden a crack in the island comes into view. Bordered on either side with lush mangrove forests, the journey down the amazon-Esque channel is filled with hues of green and blue and highlighted by the many bird species huddling on the banks of the water.

After a short journey, winding around azure corners, you reach the end of the channel. The Channel is flanked by small islets and the mainland of Juani on either side and a spectacular view of the Indian Ocean in front. The blue lagoon Zanzibar Tanzania has a welcoming, sandy bottom and shallow water. It makes it the perfect place for a refreshing swim with unimaginable views.

Moreover, for a more adventurous experience, there is the possibility to take a short trek through Juan and come to just one of many natural pools that can be found there. Here one can jump in the water with a mask and admire the dramatic underwater. In conclusion, the Blue Lagoon Zanzibar is an Algae-dominated landscape and quirky upside-down jellyfish. Read more on Interesting facts about Tanzania

Blue Lagoon Zanzibar Snorkeling

Blue Lagoon is a snorkeler’s paradise. The corals are healthy and colorful and they can be accessed easily compared to other Snorkeling places in Zanzibar. 

A variety of colorful reef fishes call this place home, such as leaf fish, mantis shrimps, Octopus, Squid, moray eels, puffer fish, scorpion fish, lionfish, nudibranch, angel fish, snappers, rainbow runners, jackfish, barracudas, batfish among others.

Another reason why Blue Lagoon Zanzibar is special and worth going to is because of the highest starfish population. The high number of colored starfishes along the corals is spectacular. 

During the trip, the traditional wooden boat will be used to get the best local snorkeling experience. This is also one of the reasons most tourists love snorkeling at Zanzibar Blue Lagoon.

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