Lazy Lagoon Island retreat Bagamoyo Tanzania is run by the Foxes family who has quite a few camps in Tanzania and they run them very well. It’s a great company and good ethics are clearly present at Lazy Lagoon island lodge Tanzania. Being just south of Bagamoyo it makes for easy access from Dar by road and offers great value for money. But for just a bit more money you can get yourself the amazingly world-class Ras Kutani beach lodge. One of the best beach lodges on that whole coastline. Read more on Top Zanzibar Hotels for your Holidays


Lazy Lagoon Island Lodge Facts 

Lazy Lagoon island lodge Bagamoyo is located 70 km north of Dar es Salaam and just south of Bagamoyo. Read more on things to do in Dar es Salaam

There are 12 beach bandas, all quite large and very airy covered by a giant Makuti roof, only yards from the beach. The main area is situated just back from the beachfront and is also covered with a large makuti, A-framed roof. The view from the rooms and main area favour a typical sunrise over Zanzibar Island, whilst the fishing boats pass to go out to sea and sunset over the palm trees of Bagamoyo. The perfect end to a Tanzania Family Holiday or a Tanzania Honeymoon.

The rooms have en suite bathrooms, outdoor hammocks, and large beds and the well-sized verandas allow for a private and scenic view of the Indian Ocean. However, Lounge, bar, and dining area are at the tip of the island with views east and west. The swimming pool’s 240V electricity is provided by a generator for lighting and recharging of batteries. There is mobile phone reception on the Lazy Lagoon Island lodge Tanzania or some networks. The rooms are shady and well-ventilated, but there is no air conditioning. Accommodation rates are full board including 3 meals, tea, coffee and laundry.


The Lazy Lagoon Island lodge Bagamoyo has a great little ecosystem. You are likely to see bush babies, Suni antelope and bush pigs, and of course the amazing diversity of birdlife.  The seas around here are filled with fascinating and tropical marine life and the natural mangrove forests harbour ideal nesting areas for water birds.

Activities in Lazy Lagoon Island Retreat Bagamoyo Tanzania:

Sailing, (laser II dinghies), kayaking, snorkelling, fishing and guided excursions to Bagamoyo town and Kaole ruins. Diving can be arranged with the nearby diving centre rates on request. Also, read about Blue Lagoon

Lazy Lagoon Island-Lazy Lagoon Island
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