Undeniably the most popular safari destination in Kenya, the Maasai Mara is also the most crowded, with more safari camps, mobile tented camps, and lodges than any other safari destination. From basic safari lodges to luxury tented camps in private concessions away from the madding crowd, Maasai Mara offers a range of safari accommodation options so there’s guaranteed to be something to suit your pocket and your preferences. With luxury accommodation, Masai Mara is charming, and captivating no matter the weather. This charm comes from its diverse list of all-inclusive safari lodges. We review the Masai Mara Accommodations you can stay at when you book your safari holiday to Kenya. Here are the Best Masai Mara luxury accommodations

Masai Mara Accommodations

Mara Serena Safari Lodge

Somewhere amidst the famous Mara Triangle lies this queen of all other luxuries Masai Mara safari camps and hotels. It is a haven where gently rolling landscapes pour into sunburned grasslands, and luxury reigns supreme. Being a Masai Mara luxury accommodation located in the Mara Triangle, the Mara Serena Safari Lodge gives the term ‘picturesque views’ a whole other meaning. 

The vibe here is luxurious. We suspect it has to do with its 74 guest rooms, all of which come complete with uninterrupted views of the Mara, contemporary amenities, and state-of-the-art interiors.  In this Masai mara Safari Accommodation, you will love its savory meals too, and the long list of activities it has planned out for guests. Activities to do on an all-inclusive Masai Mara luxury accommodation with a stay at the Mara Serena include bush dinners, sundowners, game drives, and exciting walks. Mara Serena Safari Lodge

Masai Mara Accommodations-mara serena

Ilkeliani Camp

Ilkeliani Camp in Masai Mara is the true definition of Kenya as a luxurious destination. Life at this luxury camp in Masai Mara centers around a river glade where hundreds of Elephants gather to drink. But it has always been more than the wildlife with Ilkeliani. 

All her 12 tents are the epitome of perfection, with each treating guests to breathtaking views of the Mara landscape and the dark figures roaming all around it. There’s also a wide selection of viewing decks to scream about, tastefully designed interiors, contemporary amenities, picturesque viewpoints, and exceptional customer service.  The panoramic views of this Masai Mara luxury accommodation are an unmatched spot for intimate dinners and lunches.

Masai Mara Accommodations-lounge+dining2

Entim Mara Camp

This luxury Masai Mara hotel is sensational not just for its awe-inducing design but also for its closeness to the Mara River. The ambiance here leans more towards the pristine, otherworldly side, the resort outdoing itself with its effortless views of the Mara. 

Seeing that it’s very close to the Mara River, you can count on getting the best views of the Wildebeest Migration as well as the lush grasslands and reptiles native to the river. But it’s not only the views you should look forward to here. Entim’s 12 Masai Mara luxury accommodation is a thing of beauty, each coming complete with impeccable interior décor, a private lounge, a verandah, and modern amenities. 

You will also love the camp’s restaurant, bar, swimming pools, and customer service in this Masai mara Safari Accommodation. Activities on a luxury Masai Mara safari package with a stay at the Entim Mara include; game drives, bush dinners, lunches, breakfasts, walks, and sundowners.

Ashnil Mara Camp

As far as luxury lodges in Masai Mara go, we are suckers for the Ashnil Mara Camp, a gorgeous 50 luxury-tent wonder housed close to the Mara River. True to form, this Masai Mara luxury accommodation merges contemporary facilities with mind-blowing Mara views to create a haven even the harshest critics will love. 

There are deluxe twin, deluxe double, and deluxe triple rooms to rave about, a swimming pool, a Michelin-starred restaurant, a lounge bar, and exceptional customer service. The Ashnil Mara Camp also offers intimate bush breakfasts, dinners and lunches, game drives, and cocktails that never miss the mark.

Masai Mara Accommodations

Little governor’s camp

The LGC has undoubtedly solidified its position as one of the best luxury camps in Masai Mara and offers 17 cozy luxurious tents surrounded by lovely sceneries. You would be missing out if you didn’t stay at this riveting haven housed next to a watering hole that teems with wildlife and birds. 

You would be missing out on its scenic wooden decks, and the wildlife is always roaming around the property, seeing that it is not fenced. You’d also miss out on its intimate open-air breakfasts and lunches served at the heart of the park and on its impeccable services and contemporary facilities.

Sanctuary Olonana

Combine dramatic views, contemporary architecture, soothing interiors, and exemplary customer service, and you get a sense of Sanctuary Olonana. It is a gorgeous luxury safari camp in Masai Mara with panoramic glass doors that call attention to the best of the Mara.

The camp gives you a first-class ticket to the Mara River and the sunburned grasslands teeming with wildlife. There’s also a library where you can unwind, a pool for some hydrotherapy, and a spa for that little extra pampering. The best features are the 14 brilliant suites with floor-to-ceiling glass doors revealing views of the wild, king-sized beds, elegant furniture, fully-stocked mini-fridges, elegant bathrooms, and double showers.

Masai Mara Accommodations-Olonana-guest-area-with-view

Mara Intrepids

The Mara Intrepids is all views thanks to the Talek River. That, and the resort sits in the middle of four of the park’s game viewing areas. Go for a bush dinner and get to experience first-hand the beautiful explosion of magic African cuisines and spectacular views created to truly get an idea of the unbelievable levels of the luxury present here. You can also try out the hot-air balloon safaris, bush dinners, sundowners, and game drives.    

What’s more, the Mara Intrepids’ tents are the epitome of luxury Masai mara packages, with each featuring a uniquely stunning interior décor, comfortable king-size beds, indoor and outdoor showers, WI-FI, and a fully-stocked mini-fridge. A truly refreshing experience in this Masai mara Safari Accommodation.

Saruni Mara

Saruni Mara is a boutique lodge so effortless you’d be tempted to spend all your Masai Mara luxury safari indoors. This spectacular lodge sits on a secluded valley inside the Mara, making it a fundamental goal in terms of the views it offers. 

It features five riveting cottages, a family villa, and a private villa that is just as stunning. Speaking of riveting cottages, you will love how they are put together, from their theme and furniture down to their overall feel. You will also love the different range of activities available in the lodge, from game drives, nature walks, guided Masai Village visits, and intimate bush dinners and lunches.

Angama Mara

Lying in the alluring floors of the Great Rift Valley is the unbelievably stunning Angama Mara, a luxury camp so stylish it’s considered one of the best luxury camps in Masai Mara. Luxury comes in the form of two magnificent camps subdivided into fifteen tented suites each. Each of these suites is fitted with jaw-dropping interiors, contemporary amenities, and floor-to-ceiling glass windows that span across the front for undisrupted views of the Mara.  

The resort also comes with guest areas that are essentially single rooms wrapped in glass doors. These guest areas open up to an expansive deck that floats off the escarpment’s edge- it’s one of the best things you’ll ever witness with your life. Fun activities in Angama Mara include hot-air balloon safaris, game drives, nature walks, and intimate/romantic bush breakfasts, dinners, and lunches.

Masai Mara Accommodations-angama-mara-breakfast-with-a-view

Mara Bushtops

Some of the few surprises you should expect at Mara Bushtops are a recently discovered Masai cave and a salt lick the wildlife seems to be obsessed with.  And there’s even more to this all-inclusive Masai Mara safari hotel. The Mara Bushtops feature 12 spacious luxury tents, which are the epitome of discreteness and unmatched comfort. 

These beautiful havens can open on three sides, are fitted with hot tubs, 24-hour customer service, and indoor and outdoor showers, and come complete with panoramic views of the wild. The tents also come with an outdoor fireplace, a fully-stocked mini-bar, WI-FI, and a pool. It’s pure bliss!

Mara Plains Camp

Beautifully isolated with tented camps overlooking thick forests and murky waters (Ntiakitiak River), the Mara Plains Camp epitomizes swanky opulence. All-inclusive Masai Mara safaris spent here are enjoyed amid roaring lions and trumpeting elephants, as well as an ambiance that is the most pristine you’ll ever experience. 

Spend the day discovering the marvelous wonders hidden in the 35,000-acre conservancy surrounding the camp. Stay in one of its five air-conditioned tents and enjoy delicious meals, hot indoor and outdoor showers, hot tub soaks free WI-FI, and the plushiest, most comfortable beds ever. Or go for hot-air balloon safaris, walks, and game drives.

What Are the Best Luxury Masai Mara Accommodations (Camps, Hotels, and Safari Camps)?

‘Best’, to us at least, is a subjective term – what is gold to one client might be a pile of rubble to another

If best to you means good food and a perfect ambiance, here are 5 Masai Mara Accommodations you will love. 

  1. Sarova Mara Game Camp
  2. Mara Leisure Camp
  3. Keekorok Lodge
  4. Mara Serena Safari Lodge
  5. Fairmont Mara Safari Club 
  6. Keekorok Lodge

If you are all for the finest things in life, here are five luxury Masai Mara Accommodations that will leave you feeling like royalty. 

  1. Angama Mara
  2. Ilkeliani Mara Camp
  3. Ashnil Mara Camp
  4. Little Governors Camp
  5. Governors Camp Masai Mara

Best might also mean affordable, so if you want to have the time of your life in the Mara while going easy on the dinero, here are five Masai Mara safari lodges you should consider. 

  1. Talek Bush Camp
  2. Jambo Mara Safari Lodge
  3. Mara Leisure Camp
  4. Keekorok Lodge
  5. Mara Serena Safari Lodge

What Are the Best Accommodations Near Mara River?

Poetically speaking, the Mara River is Mara’s lifeblood, a stunning attraction known to host the prolific Great Wildebeest Migration. Some of the Luxury Hotels in Masai Mara near the river carry this charm because who wouldn’t want to wake up to the most significant wildlife migration on the planet? We suggest staying at these Masai Mara safari Accommodations for a front-row seat to this mind-blowing spectacle.

Sanctuary Olonana

This typically luxurious Masai Mara tented camp tucks away in a forest nestled along the Mara River. 

It’s a perfect spot for incredible wildlife sightings all year round and an even more perfect place to catch the rousing wildebeest migration.

Governors IL Moran Camp

The Governor’s Moran Camp is genuinely what perfect safari dreams are made of. The camp’s 10 luxurious tents nestle along the Mara River under a gorgeous canopy of evergreen trees. It’s all luxury here, from its ensuite bathrooms, and Victorian bathtubs to its super comfortable king-sized beds. Even better is the fact that you get to have a front-row seat of the wildebeest migration in this Masai mara Safari Accommodation.

Mara River Tented Camp

Look out your window, and you’re surrounded by the most breathtaking scenery ever of the Mara River, lush knee-high grasslands, and, if you’re on time, the Great Wildebeest Migration. 

The Mara River Tented Camp combines contemporary amenities, spectacular interior décor, and unmatched customer service to create a safari experience that sticks.

Mara Serena Safari Lodge

The Mara Serena sits on a hill that offers riveting views of the Mara savannah and the gator-filled Mara River. Stay at one of its 74 tented camps, and you’re guaranteed a front-row seat to the epic Wildebeest Migration. That, and unlimited luxury in this Masai mara Safari Accommodation.

Masai Mara Accommodations with nice views

The Mara is a captivating destination where wildlife roams freely, birds thrive, and grasslands are at their brightest shade of green. In simple terms, every inch of the Masai Mara is spectacular. As a result, all Masai Mara safari lodges come with very nice views. This article highlights 13 of these lodges and the views each present.

Do Any Luxury Hotels in Maasai Mara National Reserve Have a Pool?

You cannot spell luxury without swimming pools, and lots of these luxury camps in Masai Mara seem to be in on the secret. 

Here are 8 luxury Masai Mara hotels with a pool. 

  1. Ashnil Mara Camp
  2. Mara Serena Safari Lodge
  3. Mara Intrepids Tented Camp
  4. Fairmont Mara Safari Club
  5. Sekenani Camp
  6. Mara River Lodge
  7. AA Lodge Masai Mara
  8. Sarova Mara Game Camp

How Many All-Inclusive Maasai Mara Hotels Are There?

There are over 100 Luxury Masai Mara Accommodations. A good number of them operate on an all-inclusive basis. Be sure to first check with the hotel before booking. But first things first, what is an all-inclusive hotel?

All-inclusive hotels provide three meals a day, soft drinks, a wide range of alcoholic drinks, gratuities, and a list of other services that differ from hotel to hotel. For our luxury Masai Mara packages, we only work with the best, all-inclusive Masai Mara Accommodations there are.

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