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How to Book and make Payment for your Tanzania Safari

Online Payment Northern Lagoon Travels accepts different types of online payment. Our payment mode is easy, fast, and secure ensuring your payment reaches the intended recipient (Northern Lagoon Travels)! Here is how to make payment for your Tanzania safari.

All payments are been processed via a Secure PesaPal gateway

After a booking is made and the safari cost is agreed upon. An invoice and a payment link will be sent to you by our reservations manager whereby you will fill out the required details before the system directs you to the payment window. From here, you will choose your preferred mode of payment from the available ones. The payment will be processed, our reservations manager will confirm the payment to our client and reserve a seat for your safari. For more information/ help kindly email us at [email protected] / [email protected]

Note: 30% of the payment for your Tanzania safari is our initial required payment to confirm your Safari/ Tour.