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Northern Lagoon Travels is a local Tanzanian safari tours company committed to delivering high-quality services infused with a spirit of adventure. Our team boasts unparalleled expertise in all facets of Tanzania safaris. Embarking on a Tanzania safari tour with Northern Lagoon Travels is an essential experience. We provide a genuine and insightful exploration of Tanzania's diverse landscape, wildlife, history, and cultural heritage.
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Popular Tanzania Safari Packages

Our Safari packages offer the best wildlife viewing and African safari experience to suit all clients. Our Tanzania Safaris and Tour packages are tailored to your budget to provide you with the finest possible experiences when traveling with Northern Lagoon Travels Tanzania. We are dedicated to making your dreams come true as we design your tailor-made, personalized Safaris that will leave you with unforgettable memories for the rest of your life. Choose from our private tours or group joining safaris per your plan on either Budget Camping, Mid-range Tented Camps, or Luxury Lodge tours. Book your Luxury Safari Holidays in Tanzania for 2023.

Popular Hiking Tour Packages

Hiking Tours are just as amazing as Luxury Safari Holidays in Tanzania. They are the best way to experience the wonders of the stunning mountainous areas of Tanzania and to absorb the wonderful nature and beautiful views. Whether you set foot on the summits of Tanzania’s highest mountains or just walk through the lush forests on the lower slopes for a few hours trekking in this country offers something for everyone. Volcanoes, high plateaus, mountain ranges, lakes, and craters offer superb possibilities for short hikes or long treks. We know our most active safari-goers are itching to discover Tanzania on foot. On our hiking Tanzania safari, you’ll follow your guide across the country’s breathtaking terrain, from mysterious silver lava volcanoes to surreal red soda lakes. Tanzania Hiking Safaris are the best opportunities to explore and discover the breathtaking scenery that Kilimanjaro & Tanzania has to offer!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best time to Vist Tanzania?
The best season to visit Tanzania is during the long dry season, which falls from July to September. These are considered the best months for safaris, the Great Migration, trekking, and beach holidays in Zanzibar.
What is the best time to Climb Mount Kilimanjaro?
The best time to climb Kilimanjaro are the months of January through early-March and June through October. The clear skies, great views, and sunshine make for spectacular photo-opportunities and comfortable hiking conditions. These are also usually the drier months of the year and the busiest.
What should i pack for a Safari to Africa?
Long pants, Shorts, Undergarments, sports bra, Sweater, jacket, windbreaker, Rain jacket and/or rain poncho, Swimsuit and cover, Sun hat with brim and chin strap. Please Check out our guides for more information: Mount Kilimanjaro Climbing gear list , What to wear on and African Safari
Is Tanzania Safe to Travel to?
Tanzania is completely safe for every nationality to visit. The risks commonly associated with travel to Tanzania relate to specific - and strictly non-tourist - areas of the country. It's important to note that any areas you'll be visiting on your safari trip are low-risk areas and very safe to visit.
When is the famous Wildebeests Migration in Tanzania?
The wildebeest migration is usually in the Serengeti from December through September. During the dry months of December, January and February, it is common to see the migration as a mass of several hundred thousand animals. During the long rains in March, April, and May, the migration often splits up into several sub-groups and roams in different areas of the Serengeti following the fresh grasses. The migration remains in these smaller groups throughout much of the remaining season until it returns to Kenya in October. Having said that, the global seasons are consistently changing, so contact us in advance to find out the latest updates.

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